Monday, October 03, 2005

BEMUSO - Understanding the Music Business

Understanding the Music Business, making CDs & mp3s, using the internet........

What is Bemuso?
You don’t need to get signed to join the music business. This site is about distributing your own music. It tells you all about DIY record labels, self-publishing and how the music business works. It also tells you how to set up your own independent music site and how to sell your music online.
The Music biz and DIY resources are based on my research and experience in the UK. I’m a keen supporter of independent artist labels and DIY in the music business.
The Articles give my thoughts about the music industry in general. If you’re trying to get signed you might be interested in working for yourself instead and you should read How do I get signed?
What is Bemuso for?
Bemuso is a resource for independent artists, DIY record labels and self-publishers. The Music biz and DIY will help you set up your own music web site and introduce you to the basics of the music business in the UK. The only aspects I don’t cover are material, performance and publicity. I suggest further reading Books and research Links.
Some of the resources would help with any web site, including other kinds of music sites, and the music business information may be useful whether you have a web site or not.

Site independence :
This site is completely independent. I don’t take any commission, sponsorship or affiliate kick-backs of any kind. Every link and suggestion on this site is a genuine personal recommendation as a result of my own experience and research.

Your privacy:
I won’t pass, give or sell any of your details (name, address, email address, etc.) to anyone, ever. I only send information about the site and CDs to my mailing list (so you won’t hear about my scheme for recycling hamster bedding as breakfast cereal).

Quoting and linking :
You’re very welcome to quote verbatim or link to this site—linking is better because it picks up changes and the information is updated frequently. If you do quote anything please credit You’re also welcome to review the site and articles. Please email if you have any questions.

There are over 700 external links on this site. A couple of links die each week, so I delete them. Unfortunately this means some information will be lost but far more new links crop up than expire. I also delete links that turn out to be pages cut and pasted from an original source.

Copyright :
Bemuso is an independent music resource written by me.
The site and everything on it is copyright © Rob Cumberland 2002 – 2005. All rights are reserved. This includes all rights to the recorded work.
If you want to copy anything you must ask. I don’t bite.

Contact Bemuso:
Bug reports
If you find a problem using the site please email details and say what OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), browser and version you’re using. Thanks.

Email address:
To avoid spam, email addresses are no longer clickable on this site and email is bounced from all other addresses at Bemuso. Sorry.


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