Thursday, September 22, 2005

Press Kits/Demos - Suggestions

If you're a band who'd like to play at the more well known london venues, please note that they mostly book profile shows, meaning bands that are either signed or have professional management or even with just a great vibe about them. That's not to say that they don't have openings for unsigned bands, but just that it is a selective process — down to what type of music you play, available slots on a bill etc. — please do not be surprised if you are not offered a show immediately due to the high demand. There are not loads of slots, so keep an eye on listings to see what types of bands are playing and to get an idea of the kind of acts they book. Lastly good luck — demos are important, but only the good ones! They will let you be the judge of that. You can send your demos to the addresses given on each venue's site ( list of venues which may be of help). You should refer to their check list (suggested one below), for what you need to include in your package.

Agents/Managers - venue hire.

If you are an agent/manager who wants to arrange a showcase/hire you should send all enquiries by email - send an email about bookings band demos - contacting the venues directly. If you want to contact them about a demo you've sent in, please send an email about demos. Due to the number of demos they receive they can't always reply to every band, but if they are interested they will definately get in touch with you. Please do not send ANY unsolicited attachments/files by email.

Demo Checklist:

CDs are preferred, but you can send tapes. No special format CDs, CD-ROMS or DVDs - it has to play in a conventional CD player! ABSOLUTELY NO UNREQUESTED MP3s by EMAIL!

Contact Name, Numbers and Email.
Number of band members/instruments.
Band influences
Where are you based?
Recent gigs (venues & who with).
Expected audience numbers.
What month(s) are you available to play.
Photo (if possible) - NO PHOTOS BY EMAIL!
Are you signed - any releases to date?
SAE with correct postage if want demo returned - check with each venue they will return
You're welcome to include any other material that you think may be useful- but remember they are interested in the music and not the packaging!


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